Thoughts On God’s Love

I wonder about the true nature of why God loves us, why he created us. It isn’t satisfying to me, the idea that he wants relationship with us. “The ultimate purpose of God’s creation was to create a world of persons with whom he could enjoy a relationship.” – Timothy Keller in Every Good Endeavor. This just isn’t that satisfying to me; I feel like there must be more to the real nature of God than that. The reason must be a lot deeper, more complex. I think about what makes me believe in the gospel. It’s the feeling of healing, of everything finally being ok, of everyone finally back together as one, true community with one another and God. It’s those little glimpses of the higher reality. And all of that seams so much richer and more complex than the idea that God wants this relationship with us. It’s like these concepts of restoration, togetherness after aloneness, these rich, linear spiritual concepts have more to do with why God loves us. As if these things are inevitable; not scenarios or circumstances that God decided to allow to come to pass, but rather actual aspects of his character. He’s long-suffering. He couldn’t be the prince of peace without the existence of war. He can’t be the counsellor if horrible things hadn’t happened that required his counsel. He is the beginning and the end; the whole linear story is part of God’s character. Why does he love us? Because we are all a part of all of this, just as he is; we’re a part of the process that is a part of his character. Why did God create us, why does he love us? Perhaps we’re the fulfillment of his identity. There was never any question of weather he would create us, we would fall, and he would redeem us. It’s in his very character; he’s the Alpha and Omega, and we are a key element in that timeline, that title.